At SealMaxx of Greater Atlanta, we pride ourselves at being an industry leader with a highly unique process and product line. Most companies in this industry come out one day and simply pressure wash your deck and/or driveway, then return a few days later and apply a sealant they bought at a local hardware store.

    At SealMaxx we are much more thorough, and efficient. We use a foam cleanser on your wood or concrete before we pressure wash. Therefore, we get it much cleaner than pressure washing alone. On wood, we then use a brightener, which restores the wood as close as possible to its natural coloration.

    After that, our sealant is applied while the surface is still wet from the cleaning process! The sealant penetrates into the wood or concrete and cures internally. Our sealants are guaranteed to protect and waterproof your wood and concrete for 25 years! This is much longer than the typical 1-3 years you can expect from other companies. Our 25 year warranty is backed by the local SealMaxx distributor, the SealMaxx corporate office, and the manufacturer of the sealant.